Fall 2021 Weight Loss Competition.

Weight loss competitions are great for motivation and working with a group of like minded individuals to lose weight and get healthier. Unfortunately they end and often times your left at the end with the question.

“Now what?”

Losing and maintaining a healthy weight is a lifelong journey so I want to not only help people lose weight but also help them learn how to keep the weight off.

The entry feel will be $110 and starts Tuesday, Septermber 7th and goes for 8 weeks (53 days exactly) until Friday October 29th

Throughout the course of the competition I will have weekly materials to learn about how to control your weight in a busy world with a busy life, and be available to help work with you and answer questions through the whole process.

The top 3 people to lose the most weight as a percentage of body weight (up to 12% of original bodyweight) will receive

First Place: $450 cash

Second Place: $250 cash

Third Place : $150 cash

Every Competitor will get an exercise bingo card . Any competitor who completes the whole card will get a Humotive Fitness branded T-shirt!!

To sign up Fill the form below and you will be added to the group email the will be sent out Monday April 26