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Personal Training

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Having a personalized plan with a person to pay attention to your every move in the gym ensures progress. Let a professional worry about sets, reps, and exercise choices. Let us track your progress every session and keep you focused on your journey.

$75/ 60min

$45/ 30min

Virtual Personal Training

Training virtually can be a great way to efficiently get your workout in from the comfort of you own home. A quick video assesment alongside the amazing trainerize app will allow us to create a home workout designed on your goals and help you from the comfort of you own home. Fill out the comment sheet below for more information



Buddy Training

Do you have a close friend you want to get stronger with ? Maybe a spouse or child you want to get healthier with?  Buddy Training allows all the same personalization but with your support system around to go on the journey with you. Nothing helps relationships like seeing each other work hard to become better.

60 minute Session

$50/ person

30 minute Session

$35/ person

Health  Coaching

Maybe you are just looking to piece together all the pieces of fitness to get consistent progress that matches your goals. With online health coaching we will meet two times per month virtually  and analyze your progress to ensure good habits, nutritional progress, and growth. All health coaching is combined with a fitness plan through a trainerize profile where I can track your progress and guide you.  For more information use the comment sheet below.

$100/month Nutrition and a training program + 2 virtual meetings / month and unlimited support and guidance

Give the Gift of Health

Showing support for someone’s health is the best gift anyone can give. Send a loved one a a gift card that they can use toward any service.